16 Nov 2022

MedCraft Investment Partners Marks 2022 YTD Milestones

16 Nov 2022

· MedCraft Investment Partners have closed more than $300M in acquisitions
· National presence expanded by 640,000+ additional square feet in 10 states
· On track to meet investment goal of $500M by end of 2023

MINNEAPOLIS, November 8, 2022 – MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate, a full-service
healthcare real estate firm specializing in the financing, delivery, and management of
healthcare facilities, has announced that its investment and capital platform, MedCraft
Investment Partners, has closed on over $300 million in acquisitions consisting of 20
healthcare projects since its inception 15 months ago. Cumulatively, these projects
further expand MedCraft’s national presence spanning more than 640,000 square feet
in 10 states, making MedCraft Investment Partners well on pace to achieve its goal of
investing $500 million by the end of next year.

Seismic Shifts in Healthcare Delivery Models

This milestone further validates the industry trend of increasing investment into
healthcare real estate due to its relative stability and resistance to economic downturns.
As healthcare delivery continues to shift out of hospitals and into ambulatory and other
non-traditional environments, the need for new facilities will only continue to grow.
The American Hospital Association expects seismic shifts in the outpatient care
landscape over the next decade. Forecasts in patient volume changes include a 25%
increase in ambulatory surgery centers and a 19% increase in office-based diagnostics,
laboratory testing and imaging. MedCraft is uniquely positioned to further capitalize on
this trend because of its deep healthcare knowledge and experience, extensive provider
relationships, and proven track record.
“Investing and managing healthcare facilities requires a group of professionals who
understand healthcare real estate and the needs of providers,” said Jon Lewin,
Principal, MedCraft Investment Partners. “That’s what truly makes us different. Our
team focuses on the needs of our healthcare clients and delivers real estate investment
and management solutions that accomplish their long-term goals. It may sound simple,
but getting there requires creativity, flexibility, and tenacity.”

Patient and Provider-Focused Solutions

As evidence of this, MedCraft Investment Partners acquired several significant projects
as long-term holders and partners across the healthcare sector including:

Macomb Professional Building, Detroit Michigan Acquisition
MedCraft Investment Partners recently acquired a medical office building near the
campus of one of its national health system partners in Detroit, Michigan and is making
a significant investment into building systems to improve its functionality as a healthcare
facility and capital for new healthcare programs in the building.

South Bend Orthopaedics, South Bend, Indiana
South Bend Orthopaedics Medical Office Building and Allied Physicians Surgery Center
were owned by the physicians of South Bend Orthopaedics. Recognizing that owning
their real estate was an added burden and expense, they partnered with MedCraft to
acquire their building which provided a capital infusion into the practice and allowed the
physicians more time to focus on their patients.
“As South Bend Orthopaedics continues to build on our tradition of excellence and
providing exceptional patient care, we recognize that owning all of our real estate
comes with an added expense and burden” stated Adelbert Mencias, MD, Physician
President, South Bend Orthopaedics. “By selling our South Bend location to MedCraft,
it allows us to free-up our capital and infuse it back into our operations and equipment
so that we can continue to provide state-of-the-art care to our patients, in a costeffective
outpatient setting. We chose MedCraft because of their expertise and
partnership approach. MedCraft is different, they do what they say they are going to do.”

About MedCraft

MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate is a full-service healthcare real estate firm that
specializes in advisory, development, and financing services to health systems and
providers. MedCraft has delivered, financed and acquired more than 125 projects
totaling $7 billion throughout their 39-year operating history.

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Staci Rubenstein
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