We offer comprehensive development services for ambulatory care facilities and medical office buildings.  Our proven systems, processes and leadership capabilities ensure that every project:

  • Aligns with your strategic goals
  • Is completed on time and is cost effective
  • Delivers sustainable and measurable results
  • Provides flexibility for future delivery needs

“One of the things that was important for the MedStar team was that MedCraft had developed small, medium and large facilities and done it with one hospital systems as well as large complex ones.  They know what’s coming down the pike in terms of changes in healthcare and they’re thinking about really trying to design for the future.”

Bob Gilbert, President
MedStar Ambulatory Services

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Facility and Program Optimization

The success of any real estate project is tied to the success of the underlying healthcare enterprise.  Our planning team stays current with the latest healthcare industry trends and standards, enabling us to build facilities that improve the patient experience today — and are versatile enough for tomorrow.  We bring a set of proprietary facility planning tools, extensive experience and knowledge of healthcare best practices that help you:

  • Optimize physician and provider work flows
  • Create a differentiated patient experience
  • Express our client’s brand experience
  • Minimize building and program square footage where possible
  • Reduce ongoing lease and operating costs

“MedCraft introduced Stamford to the on-stage off-stage care delivery model which separated patient circulation routes from shared clinical workspaces.  This model was ultimately adopted and established as the new protocol for ambulatory and clinical delivery throughout the Stamford Hospital Medical Group.”

Irene Furlong, RN, MS
Director Clinical Services, Stamford Health

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Financing and Acquisition

We have the capital and flexibility to creatively finance and structure projects so that they meet your objectives for new developments and strategic acquisitions.  Our solutions help you:

  • Strengthen your balance sheet
  • Take advantage of cost-effective long-term financing
  • Fully finance program buildouts
  • Structure joint ventures
  • Preserve capital so you can stay agile

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“With this financing strategy, our outlay is only about one-fifth of the total typically required, so we can make our capital go much further.”

Doug Cropper, CEO
Genesis Health

Learn more about how Genesis Health implemented a capital preservation strategy to expand its ambulatory network and market presence.


Leasing and Physician Integration

Because our entire focus is healthcare, we understand the unique needs of care providers. We understand that we’re not just building facilities – we’re creating environments where clinicians want to practice and patients choose to be treated.  Our relationships and our leasing and ownership models enable us to:

  • Recruit and align physicians
  • Ensure long-term clinician satisfaction
  • Create efficient workspaces that support clinician and patient needs
  • Enhance clinician workflow and productivity

“MedCraft has been an exceptional partner in working with  our physicians and clinical leadership to create a facility that extends the Providence Park Hospital and brand experience  to a new highly efficient ambulatory care environment.”

Joseph Hurshe, President
Providence-Providence Park Hospitals
Ascension Health

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Project Management

We offer comprehensive and highly specialized project management services from feasibility assessment through facility activation. Our experience, proactive leadership, and strategic perspective, along with the ability to dig into the details, are valuable components to your team at every project phase.

  • Strategic facilities planning ensures priorities align with the project budget and goals
  • Pre-design manages team dynamics to establish a collaborative and highly productive team approach
  • Design evaluates trends, workflow analyses and architecture while managing project expectations
  • Construction with on-site project management experts to coordinate and facilitate the project
  • Operationalization coordinating diverse groups of people to create an inclusive environment for all
  • Specialty services gives direction and support for specialty consultants to offer work flow analysis, cost estimating, and more

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