Site Selection
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Site Selection

Location, location, location.  Healthcare is no different


Location, location, location.  Healthcare is no different than any other consumer service and as your competitors and retailers expand their healthcare offerings, you need to stay one step ahead.  Finding the right location is critical so we take a comprehensive approach that employs a full spectrum of capabilities, utilizes data, and applies our negotiation skills to ensure that a selected site:

  • Provides access and visibility to key markets
  • Aligns with your financial goals
  • Supports optimal healthcare delivery
  • Avoids unforeseen development costs
  • Provides competitive advantage

“We wanted a better location.  We wanted a building that served all the different needs of the continuum from primary care to specialty care, diagnostics, rehab, all in one convenient location for our patients.   That’s what we have in this facility.”

Dennis Johnson, CEO
Hardin Memorial Health, Bardstown, KY

Hear how site selection was a key component to a successful facility in a key market.