Stamford Integrated Care Pavilion Optimizes Collaborative Patient-Centered Care

Stamford Health set-out to redefine health care for the residents of Stamford Connecticut and its surrounding communities. The goal was to develop a clinically integrated, collaborative environment that was welcoming to patients and attractive to physicians in the community. Stamford chose to partner with MedCraft in developing the new facility.

The Stamford Integrated Care Pavilion opened in December 2016, the 97,000 square foot facility helps position Stamford Health as a premier provider of 21st century care, demonstrating its commitment to community health and wellness. MedCraft’s collaborative process enabled Stamford to create clinically integrated medical practice space that is ideal for building success in today’s value-based care environment – and flexible enough to expand and adapt to future needs.


The facility offers patients and physicians a range of amenities and advantages over traditional practice environments – in a more cost-effective setting. Increased efficiencies are being realized as well as cost savings from consolidating disparate practices into one integrated and convenient facility.

Learn more about MedCraft’s role in the development of the Stamford Integrated Care Pavilion in this short video.

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Stamford Integrated Care Pavilion

29 Hospital Plaza

Stamford, Connecticut

Health System:  Stamford Health

Contractor:      Suffolk Construction

Architect:        WHR Architects